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      3D printer scraper

      3D printer scraper

      Shanghai Hengmai ceramics products have excellent properties such as fall resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature fire resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, good insulation chemical stability and so on!

      Ceramic production capacity and related technical capacity:

      ? Technical strength -- research and development with many famous universities and research institutions in China!

      ? Professionalism -- Hengmai ceramics focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of new materials and new technology ceramics.

      ? Fall-Resistant -- Hengmai ceramics has fall-resistant technology. Falling from high altitude is intact and extremely fall-resistant!

      ? Impact resistance -- Ceramic structure makes the panel extremely resistant, which has been proved by daily practical use.

      ? Scratch resistance -- the special surface structure makes the ceramic scratch resistance, even by a variety of hard objects can keep the shape for a long time without damage.

      ? Wear resistance -- Ceramics have strong wear resistance and are suitable for places where heavy objects are placed or where frequent cleaning is required.

      ? Easy to clean -- The tight non-permeable surface makes it difficult for dust to adhere to, so the product can be easily cleaned with the relevant solvent without any effect on the color.

      ? Moisture resistance -- Ceramics absorb as much water as glass, so they are not affected by changes in weather and moisture, and do not rot or mould.

      ? Uv resistance -- Ceramics are not affected by weather changes. The core and appearance of ceramic products will not change no matter they are exposed to sun, rain, or sharp changes in temperature.

      ? Fire resistance - Ceramic surfaces are highly protective against burning cigarettes.The material is flame retardant, the panel does not melt, and can retain characteristics for a long time.

      ? Anti-static -- Ceramics have proven to be anti-static materials, making this panel ideal for dust-free areas, the optical industry and the computer industry.

      ? Chemical resistance - Ceramics are highly resistant to chemical corrosion, acid, oxidized toluene and similar substances.